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“...birdsong is your soundtrack.
Relaxed, intimate, it feels a
million miles from hectic city life,
yet is only an hour from London.”
A peaceful, rural oasis to step off the hamster wheel of life and discover inspiring ways to live a more peaceful, happy and healthy life in today's changing world.
Our intuitive life coaching, inspiring courses, retreats and experiences open your mind, heart and soul, and expand your horizons.
We focus on flower and vibrational essences as nature's catalysts to inspire personal and global change. And we help you appreciate the creative power of thoughts and feelings to change destructive patterns in your mind, body and your life, with meditation, visualisation and mind body science.
There's no set formula or 'fix its' promised here. We offer in-depth listening, wise reflections and insights to help you move forward rather than trawl back through time, and for you to feel clearer and lighter in each present moment.
Our style is easy going, light hearted and informal. Our work is profound and life changing
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‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’
This is what we help you do
A wonderful book written by Dale Carnegie,1944