We live in a Kentish Oast House with organic gardens tended by nature spirits, border collies, ducks and chickens. It is a sanctuary of rural peace and galactic magic and the home of our flower essence garden farm.

Since moving to Orchard Oast, we have developed a deep connection with the land that is our home and garden, and with the hundreds of acres of farmland and ancient woodland that surrounds us. The whole area is a place of outstanding natural beauty, enjoyed daily and in all seasons through long walks with our border collies.

Once the site of a thriving hop farm and apple orchard, we have continued the farming tradition here and now farm the energy of the land, bottling it in the form of flower, tree, nature and Universal essences.

The land here is full of inspiration and healing, bursting with life force and light energy. Working in direct partnership with Nature, our essences share galactic tones, sacred geometry, ancient wisdom and stellar frequencies through the intelligent and timeless healing language of the garden flowers, wild flowers, trees and all of Nature as it blossoms here. Their translations take you to the essence* of yourself. A journey which leads you from the mundane, heavy and limited view of physical life on Earth to remember the majestic, Divine and fully empowered presence that is the very essence of life itself.

Our border collies have been part of every essence created one way or another, and you’ll meet them, along with our ducks and chickens, as you look through all that we create here at The Energy Centre.

* Essence: spirit, real meaning, fundamental nature, heart, core, quintessence.

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