Flying High. Spread your wings back and take off. To go travelling to outer dimensions and remain grounded.

Daffodil essence helps you fly away from grunge, to take off and head for the outer reaches of the galaxy.

The flowers from which the essence was created looked like rockets launching into outer space. The flowers were in the take off position, just like a rocket set for launch, their outer petals spread back in a star shape to allow thrust. And their trumpets were wide open and focused on the way forward.

Daffodil essence is a powerhouse of energy to blast through the detritus of lower vibrations, to go travelling to outer dimensions and remain grounded. Also a good essence to use when you need to ‘take off’, for example when starting a project, when beginning a career, a new job, moving to a new location.

Use with: Bergenia, White Campion,Yellow Primrose

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