Profound, deep peace.

Whatever is happening around you, in you, whatever you are thinking, this essence immediately helps you feel at peace. Profound, deep peace.

Created at a crossing point in time of a full moon lunar eclipse, this essence holds the space of peace for every cell to remember its original peace. Seeded within us at our very core is the light of peace and freedom. More than ever in our history we desire this. And this essence gave its name as Peace to take us to the heart of peace that is our very own essence.

Peace Full Moon Lunar Eclipse allows us the space to hear - and feel - more clearly. It also helps with overwhelm, chaos and excessive interference from the physical plane, enabling us to take a deep breath and relax. A wonderful essence to use at bedtime, when feeling overwhelmed, for meditation, for relaxation. And anytime you want to remember what PEACE feels like.

Use with: Monkshood, Oxeye Daisy, Master Oak Tree

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