A great support for challenging situations, emotional upset, medical treatment and everyday life.

SUPPORT is a blend of essences from our Spa Transformations range which embraces the sacred geometry of the Universe with the healing and transformative intensity of nature, to rebuild shattered energy structures, relieve suffering and restore peace.

It can be used as a support in these situations: rescue, re-homing, illness, accident, trauma of any kind, shock, bereavement, moving home, changes in family/pack dynamics, neglect, physical pain, physical symptoms, being ‘not quite right’, emotionally upset, distressed, scared, sad, noise, disruption to usual routine, vet visits.

It is helpful for all creatures great and small in times of anxiety, stress, overwhelming circumstances and displaying unusual behaviour. It can also be used as a regular support for general wellbeing, and is a good support alongside other treatments/medication.

Contains: Clarity, Bliss, Release, New Time, Shield & Protect

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30ml Stock Essence